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Beauty Tips

By Natalia Lazar




How young is too young for Botox? How old is too old?

The younger the better. The idea is to prevent wrinkles, not just repair them. We see people of all ages. In some cases, even teenagers may be showing lines on their forehead when talking and making facial expressions.

Botox and Dysport help prevent contraction of the muscles that form lines on the skin. These lines become noticeable at rest and more permanent as time goes on.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s never too late. You always want to enhance your looks. You want to work on reversing the signs of aging and feel good about yourself. Not because you care so much about what others think. It’s about looking in the mirror and being happy with whom looks back. I’ve seen a 99-year-old with amazing skin who celebrates her skin cancer screening at the dermatologist with a visit to the donut shop every six months. She uses a good sunscreen and invests in the basic skincare products. Even someone at that age can look younger. You’re never too young and never too old. Even an older person deserves to look and feel good.

If you have a skin care question, please contact us.

Why do facials?

Tone and texture of your complexion are just as important as fillers and Botox. You can reach your maximum on Botox but continue to benefit by having facials. For example, some of our facials and masks produce exfoliation, which gets rid of dead skin cells that can give you a dull or grey appearance when they build up. A facial can bring out the luminescence and healthy glow. Facials can also plump up your skin, stimulate collagen or purge impurities.

There are different masks for different skin issues. For conditions like acne, having the extractions done through facials is better than picking at your face at home in the mirror, which is likely to cause damage, bruising, or hyperpigmentation and scarring.

If you have a skin care question, please contact us.

Teens and facials

It’s important for teens to get facials… and skin care education. (Here is a perfect opportunity for someone else to tell them what they need to hear when Mom is tired of repeating it: Teens need a good hygiene regime.). Facials help control and prevent pores from excessive clogging. Teenagers sweat a lot, they’re outside in the environment, sports, the hormones and oils are over-produced and stimulated. They break out and then they sit in front of a mirror and pick. Not good!

Having a facial and maintaining the routine keeps a healthy and even complexion. A facial can also be the first line of defense for severe cystic acne, rather than being put on a serious possibly harming medication that can affect your liver. A facial every month is very helpful in preventing future “spreading like wildfire” acne.

Every 28 days, your skin cells should turn over to have healthy looking skin. That natural shedding of 28 days is slowed down by age, the environment, metabolism and other factors, but having a monthly facial is perfect timing for everyone. Some people stretch it out for every six weeks, but at least get it done quarterly.

If you have a skin care question, please contact us.

Is it ever too late to wear sunscreen?

No, you should always wear sunscreen. The sunscreen you apply today will prevent the effects that will happen in the future.

Even if you hide in a cave and never see daylight, you can still grow precancerous lesions or sun-related growths if that’s what your body is going to do because of early-on sun exposure. As you get older, that time frame gets shorter and shorter. Sun exposure also speeds up the aging process. Other factors are genetics, such as a history of skin cancer in the family, having fair skin with light-colored eyes, and excess sun exposure in the past.

If you have a skin care question, please contact us.

How are peels beneficial?

Peels are great. First and most important, they will help your complexion. A peel can minimize pore size and improve the tone and texture of the complexion. A regimen of monthly or scheduled peels can strengthen your skin by stimulating collage production and elasticity. The ones we do are gentle, and there is no downtime.

The second part is that if you exfoliate your skin and keep the cells turning over, shedding every 28 days, you can help prevent precursors to squamous cell skin cancer, which is the second most threatening type of screen cancer. Once you have those precursor cells, there are treatments done at the dermatologist’s office – creams, liquid nitrogen, blue light treatment. What they do is cause a peel, but they can be painful and harsh with several weeks of downtime.

If you have a skin care question, please contact us.

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